Thursday, 26 February 2009

I've just supported Chris on the RED NOSE CLIMB

I've just sponsered Chris Moyles for Red Nose Day. :)

I love love love this guy and his awesome radio show. I've been listening to him every morning for ages now. The mornings are not the same without him. So I've donated money to Red Nose day for him climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with a bunch of other celebs.

I know times are tough and all that but I felt that it was right to give a few pounds for this really good cause. I'm not doing anything else for Red Nose day so at least I have contributed in some small way. It was really easy to do and if you want to support Chris (or one of the other celebs) check out the radio one home page or try this link:

... to support chris.

This is the whole reason why my pic is a red square at the mo. It started on twitter as a kinda "sticker" idea to encourage others to donate. I've put it here on my blog too. :)

love love. xxx

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