Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Favourite Nail Polish of the Summer

I have never been a big nails person. Partly because I can be a bit impatient and hate waiting for the stuff to dry but also because due to what I do at uni I'm not allowed to wear nail polish for the majority of the time.

HOWEVER... a result of all the nails talk on Blogger over the last few weeks and months I've got sucked in. But its a happy kind of sucked in. :) My very small nail polish collection has grown a fair bit. Thanks for this mainly goes to hele1 who is in my opinion queen of nails/nail polish/and all nail related matters here on Blogger.

So here is my fave summer nail polish. It was purchased after reading about it on someone's blog, sorry I can't remember who's.

This is Rose Libertine from Rimmel. Its in their 60 second range (this appeals to me a lot). It a gorgeous coral pink colour and applies very smoothly. It does dry pretty quick and lasts well too. I basically wore this throughout the summer and it made me smile and feel happy inside when I looked at my nails.

What's been your nail polish of the summer?


Thursday, 23 July 2009


Hello, :)

Yesterday I got back from Florence. I must confess I'm gutted to be back. lol It was my 21st birthday present to my boyfriend and I managed to keep it all a surprise for him until his birthday which was three days before we left. lol

We stayed 4 nights in a LOVELY hotel. I had done a lot of research before I chose it and it certainly paid off. Even better than I thought. The weather was gorgeous - sunny, hot, perfect blue skies.

Anyway I'll stop gushing now. lol Hope everyone is having a good summer so far. Where did everyone else go?


Sunday, 12 July 2009

A very late review. DOVE Summer Glow.

Hello bloggers....

*looks guilty*

A long time ago I purchased the Dove Summer Glow daily face moisturiser.... and promised a review....

Sorry I'm so late.

*hangs head in shame*

"I must blog more, I must blog more," *repeats to herself*

Anyway, on with my review. Here is a picy of the product.

I purchased the fair to medium as I could find the medium to dark one. Not sure if a darker one exists. I applied this twice a day for a week.
Some product info:
You get 50ml of product. The moisturiser is dispensed from a pump. I quite liked the pump from hygiene reasons but I think it would be very difficult to get every last bit of product out. The container is white plastic so its impossible to tell how much you have used/have left by looking at it.
It smell exactly the same as the body version. I really like the smell but I find it impossible to describe. There is definitately something fruity about it though. lol :)
So did I like it?
Well, no. I personally we did not get along well together at all. :( Which saddens me because I really like the body version of Summer Glow. It doesn't suit my skin type at all (combo-oily skin). I found it much too greasy and it just sat on top of my skin and didn't seem to absorb at all. I didn't notice any difference in colour at all.
This is just my personal experience so perhaps if you have normal or dry skin this product will work well for you.
Anyone else tried this? What did you think of it?
I'd love some recommendations for face self tanners. Please and thank you. :)

A random pic of some fave products

I found this picture on my laptop recently. I clearly took it for this blog but totally forgot about it. Its a picture of some of the fave products from a few weeks ago. Most of them are still faves so I thought I'd show you all. :)

Sorry for the rather blurry picture quality. The products shown are:

  • Neutragena Visibly Clear Triple Action Lotion. I purchased this after lollipop26 talked about it ages ago. I love this stuff as its great for my oily spot-prone skin. Its a good price too. I've already repurchased it as I love it so.
  • Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. This bottle is the first time I've tried this stuff and it was probably the result of hearing about it from a youtuber or blogger. I LOVE it. I think I've blogged about it before but basically this is my fave moisturiser ever.
  • Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner (black). I purchased this after hollymae20 on youtube recommended it. Its got the style of applicator that I like (a bit like a felt tip nib) and has good staying power.
  • Prestige "Glam Tan". The former hype bronzer of Blogger. I bought this because of all the hype and I really like it. Gives a lovely golden sheen.
  • Blistex Relief Cream. I bought this after hearing about it from hollymae20. This is an amazing product. My lips always used to get dry after wearing any lipsticks and MAC lipglasses for an hr or more. The product allows me to wear lipstick and not worry about dry lips. Quite a claim to fame I think.
  • GOSH darling. I was very, very, VERY late on the bandwagon with this one. But I finally got there and I love it like everyone else. yey! :)

Thanks for reading. What are your fave products atm? I love hearing about things that others like. It usually inspires a wonderful shopping trip. lol

I'll need to show you all my new desk at some point soon. Its so sexy. lol

In the mean time check out hollymae20 on youtube. I love her videos and have watched them somewhat religiously. (But in a non-freaky, out of admiration way) lol She seems like a lovely fun girl. :)


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A lovely pink bargin

As I mentioned in my last post I went shopping today. :)

I've already showed you the cosmetic products I purchased but I also got a little something else. I promised myself that I would buy any more clothes because I don't need them. I've got plenty of summer clothes especially since I live in Scotland. lol

HOWEVER, I decided to "have a wander" in Vera Moda. I instantly spotted a lovely pink dress hanging up right in front of me as soon as I'd climbed the stairs into the shop. Love at first sight. Even more interestingly there was a sign above the rail that they were hanging on saying "Everything £10 or less". £10!!! - I thought must be a mistake. I checked the label and there was no mark down on it. Just its original price of £34.99. After a wee tour of the shop, my heart was still crying out for the dress so I decided might as well ask the shop assistant if it really was £10. I had a horrible feeling she was going to laugh at me for being so daft.


can you believe it....

It actually was £10!!! Bargin. It was tried on. And bought. Simple.

So here it is:

Its a lovely mid-tone cerise pink. Silky and floaty material. Lined inside.

Here is a close up of the detailing at the top.

I'm plannign on wearing this in the evenings either really casually with flats and simple jewellery or with heels and mega bling. Not sure if I'll wear a belt with it or not.

Thanks again for reading. :)

Love to hear your thoughts. :) What kinda of jewellery, accessories etc. :)


Haul! (it was a bit unplanned...)

Hi everyone! :)

So today I popped into town after a dental appointment to get something for my bf's 21st birthday. (It's a total surprise so even though I want to let all my lovely followers in on it he does know about this blog so I'm not going to take any chances.) I ended up picking up a bit more than I intended but oh well. I had a nice time and I'm really excited about trying out some of the products I picked up. :)

Here is a collective picture:

From Superdrug I got:

  • Nivea Lip Care. I got this for the SPF
  • Rimmel Base Coat nail polish
  • A purple comb.
  • Poppy Tint and Pussy cat cheek and lip tints from MEMEME. These were on special offer with 25% off everything on MEMEME. I've been wanting to try these for a while. Basically rip-offs of benefit's versions.

From Watt Brothers (a discount department store) I got:

  • Sally Hansen Nail Quencher Hydrating Cuticle Cream
  • Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover

These were both £1.99 so I thought I'd give them a try. Never tried products like these before.

From Boots I got:

  • Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. Finally, picked this up. I think its the most I've ever spent on a nail product but I've been longing to try it. Hele has mentioned it a lot in her awesome blog and I trust her opinion a lot so I'm mega excited to try this. :)

I'll let you know what I think of these products once I'd tried them out. :)

Thanks for reading.


Friday, 3 July 2009

Tea Tree Body Shop Products Review

I promised this review a while ago now, sorry for the delay. The plus side of my lateness is that I have been able to give all three products a good test as I have been using them quite religiously every day.

These are the products I will be discussing...

1. Tea Tree Oil Foaming Facial Wash

I started using this products the minute I got home! I was excited to see if it was any better than the soap that I have been using for months. I was instantly impressed. It tingles beautifully on the face when you massage it over your skin and leaves me feeling so refreshed. :)

Other things I like about this product:

  • The packaging. Simple. Great pump. (You only need one pump max. to do your whole face.) I took this on holiday recently and it travelled fine - no leaks. :)
  • The price. Very affordable.

2. Tea Tree Oil Mattifying Moisturiser

I have never tried a moisturiser like this one before. When it says mattifying it really does mean it. I have combination/oily skin and I find that oilyness builds up quickly on my t-zone after washing my face. This moisturiser reduces that horrible shine very effectively. Only thing I'd say is that it does not apply like a normal moisturiser - its not as "liquidy" and you need a bit more product as it doesn't spread much. However I still love it and I think that it could be used as a primer as well if you wanted.

3. Tea Tree Oil

This is the product that I am least opinionated on. I don't hate it but I don't love it. I went through a phase lasting more than a week of applying it at least twice a day. Did it help? Who knows. (More on this below).

Other comments on this product:

  • Best applied with a cotton bud and inverting the bottle upside down.
  • Has a secure top. (Quite like the child safety ones on medicines.)
  • It doesn't seem to last that long.
  • Is most effective on spots which have not delevoped yet (my own opinion!)

So do I think that these products work you may be asking....

Unfortunately I can't really comment on their ability to reduce blemishes and spots because I'm taking prescribed medication for my acne after my skin got so bad from exam stress. :(

My skin is now clearing up (yey) probably as a result of a combination of factors, namely, being on holiday, no exams, and the medication.

However, what I would say is that these products have certainly not made my skin worse in any way - no dryness or breakouts - and perhaps they have also played a part in clearing up my skin. (I'd like to think so)

I would definitely repurchase the foaming facial wash and the moisturiser as they are nice, affordable products that my skin seems happy with. :)

Thanks for reading. Skin products are very individual but hopefully this may be helpful for some.


p.s. please note I bought these products myself. I would always say if I had received the products from a company.

Thursday, 2 July 2009



I'm back from my holidays. I feel bad that I never told you all that I was going away. Many apologies for the blogging silence. But now I'm back refreshed and tanned. :)

Summer times make me lose interest in cosmetics and make-up for a while which results in the products I reached for being slashed down in numbers. I like to have more time for relaxing and just doing what I want with I bit more "get up and go" rather than having to do my face first. So I'll be doing some posts on what products I'm loving at the moment.

And I really need to show you all my little barry M collection because I've been promising that for ages.

Here's a picture from my holidays. We went to Cornwall. :)