Friday, 3 July 2009

Tea Tree Body Shop Products Review

I promised this review a while ago now, sorry for the delay. The plus side of my lateness is that I have been able to give all three products a good test as I have been using them quite religiously every day.

These are the products I will be discussing...

1. Tea Tree Oil Foaming Facial Wash

I started using this products the minute I got home! I was excited to see if it was any better than the soap that I have been using for months. I was instantly impressed. It tingles beautifully on the face when you massage it over your skin and leaves me feeling so refreshed. :)

Other things I like about this product:

  • The packaging. Simple. Great pump. (You only need one pump max. to do your whole face.) I took this on holiday recently and it travelled fine - no leaks. :)
  • The price. Very affordable.

2. Tea Tree Oil Mattifying Moisturiser

I have never tried a moisturiser like this one before. When it says mattifying it really does mean it. I have combination/oily skin and I find that oilyness builds up quickly on my t-zone after washing my face. This moisturiser reduces that horrible shine very effectively. Only thing I'd say is that it does not apply like a normal moisturiser - its not as "liquidy" and you need a bit more product as it doesn't spread much. However I still love it and I think that it could be used as a primer as well if you wanted.

3. Tea Tree Oil

This is the product that I am least opinionated on. I don't hate it but I don't love it. I went through a phase lasting more than a week of applying it at least twice a day. Did it help? Who knows. (More on this below).

Other comments on this product:

  • Best applied with a cotton bud and inverting the bottle upside down.
  • Has a secure top. (Quite like the child safety ones on medicines.)
  • It doesn't seem to last that long.
  • Is most effective on spots which have not delevoped yet (my own opinion!)

So do I think that these products work you may be asking....

Unfortunately I can't really comment on their ability to reduce blemishes and spots because I'm taking prescribed medication for my acne after my skin got so bad from exam stress. :(

My skin is now clearing up (yey) probably as a result of a combination of factors, namely, being on holiday, no exams, and the medication.

However, what I would say is that these products have certainly not made my skin worse in any way - no dryness or breakouts - and perhaps they have also played a part in clearing up my skin. (I'd like to think so)

I would definitely repurchase the foaming facial wash and the moisturiser as they are nice, affordable products that my skin seems happy with. :)

Thanks for reading. Skin products are very individual but hopefully this may be helpful for some.


p.s. please note I bought these products myself. I would always say if I had received the products from a company.


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