Tuesday, 29 September 2009

She deserves a crown or at the very least a very special cupcake. :)

I purchased Baliste Dry Shampoo a while ago. I probably hear about it from YouTube or Blogger I can't remember which now. Possible lollipop26 had something to do with it. I bought the Tropical one and I quite liked it. So much so that I repurchased it. I didn't love it but I thought it was a good product and useful for freshening up your hair.

Then I read a blog, watched a video and I can now say that in some small way Gemma of Gem's Maquillage and Baliste shampoo have changed my life. Quite a big statement I hear you say, well hear is the story behind it. :)

Before these life-changing events this is how I used Baliste:

  • Occasional usage mainly at night before bedtime so that when I woke up the "whiteness" would have disappearred from my black hair.
  • Application involved random, fairly liberal spraying throughout hair. Think hairspray kind of movements.

At the weekend I was reading Daisy's blog at Cupcakes and Cherries (for exact post click that sexy link) and she mentioned Baliste shampoo and how she wasn't using it properly. She included a link to a video that showed you how to use it properly.

I admit my initial thought was how can someone make a video about this. (Terribly judgemental of me I know. I have my tail firmly behind my legs now.)

So I watched the video. Freaking awesome is the only way to describe it. Check it out here. (In case of crazy link issues its Gemma at Gem's Maquillage on YouTube)

I was using it sooooooo unbelievably wrong. I tried it the way that Gemma shows in the video yesterday and WOW. What a difference. My hair felt and looked so much cleaner. :) And equally importantly it was quick and easy. :)

So thank you Gemma. :) In my opinion, (as the title says) you do deserve a crown or at least a nice cake. :)


Saturday, 26 September 2009

Love, lust and lounging around

I am so glad its the weekend.

Just finished my first week of fourth year at university. Pretty hardcore stuff. I've been back at uni since the end of July (the course has an extra semester compared with most) but on Monday we officially entered fourth year. Very scary. Can't believe how quick my time there has flown by.
Surprisingly we have been given this Monday off thanks to the September weekend, so I have a bit of time to re-organise myself and mentally regroup. :)

Around this time two years ago me and my bf took our first holiday together in Paris. Amazing couple of days. I loved Paris and can't wait to go back one day.

I am lusting after so many clothes, accessories, bags and jewellery at the moment but I have pennys to buy them with. A major lust is also clip in hair extensions. I want long hair again. :( Where is my bursary?! lol

To be honest there won't be much lounging due to uni work however at least I'll be doing it in the comfort of my own room.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

One little flower in the city

I love this:

It makes me feel pretty and glamorous in a wonderful modern everyday kinda way.

I soap&glory.


A good ol' scrub

With skincare products I am prone to being quite fickle and totally unloyal to any one particular brand. I'm always looking for something better. Typical eh - never satisfied. :)

So here is a recent addition to the skincare family. A scrub.

More specifically, Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Clearing scrub. Bit of a mouthful. Anyway, I havn't had that much experience with scrubs - I think I've only ever tried two different ones from Clean and Clear.

Still, I feel quite compelled to offer you my opinion as to be honest I quite like it. :)

It was bought for perhaps three main reasons...
  1. My old scrub ran out (A Clean and Clear one with bursty beads that I didn't like)
  2. I got caught up in the blogger Garnier hype
  3. I do have some blackheads on my nose and all the stuff on the packaging sooked me in.

Like I said, I'm quite happy with it. It leaves my skin very refreshed and it feels like it cleans deep down and gets rid of all that gunk. I like that. I also love how soft it leaves my skin. :) Has it got rid of/improved my blackheads? Possibly, but then again possibly not. More time is needed to judge that.

However, I won't be in a huff if it doesn't because I really quite appreciate everything else it does. :)

Thank you Garnier Scrub. :)


Saturday, 19 September 2009


A while ago there was a three for two offer on Revlon products in Superdrug and I purchased the following three items:

  1. Nail Enamel in "Cherries in the Snow" £6.16
  2. Nail Enamel in "Purple Petal" £6.16
  3. Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Cherries in the Snow" £7.13

I also got the BarryM 3 in 1 mascara.

I've had these products for a while so I feel that I'm ina pretty decent position to let you know what I think.

The Revlon Nail Polishes

  • Nice colours.
  • I found the "Cherries in the Snow" went on more red than I expected and is less raspberry-ish than the lipstick.
  • Good to work with but quite a bit runny-er than I'm used to.
  • Only bad thing I really than to say is that these did'nt really last that well for me, and that was with the Seche vite on top. Maybe just me.

Revlon Lipstick

  • Pretty colour although it does scare me
  • Lasts very well on the lips
  • Doesn't seem to dry out my lips that much. (My lips are quite prone to drying out out and lipstick is often unwearable but this doesn't do nasty things like that)
  • I usually dab this on my lips and wear with lip balm to tone down the colour and make it more "safe". lol Hopefully, I'll have the guts to go all out and wear it properly soon.

BarryM Mascara

  • I like it. I don't love it. I like my mascara to add masses of volume and length. Definition and separation aren't really my thing and I'm not going to stress about some clumping. I like the dramatic lash look. Not everyone's thing I know. Hence this mascara is good but I don't think I'll buy it again because it just isnt vavavoom-ish enough. lol :P


Sunday, 6 September 2009

New Coat!

I LOVE my new coat.
(I actually got it a few weeks ago and have neglected to tell you all. Sorry)
Sit back and relax. I'm going to tell you a story. :)

The Story of the New Coat

Around Spring time of this year a young girl called Sarah decided to get rid of her winter coats and jackets. The worst of the winter weather had past and she needed more room in her bulging wardorbe. Not forgetting the fact that she was SOOOO very fed up of her old coats. These included a black "duffle" kind of coat from New Look which had gone horribly bobbly and felt minging to wear. (It had only been bought the year before in a moment of desperation when faced with the scottish winter weather.) She also had a "parka" style coat from Primark which had been a bit of an impulse buy and did nothing to keep her dry.

So it was with great satisfaction that she dispatched both jackets to the charity shop. She knew that come Winter she would have to find new jackets/coats and decided to buy quality ones this time that would last well.

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah realised that the weather was turning wetter and colder and she knew that soon enough Scotland would turn into one giant puddle for the rest of the year. She knew she had to find a new coat has a matter of URGENCY!

Sarah did as any young girl of this time and age would do and searched the internet. Nothing like a bit of pre-shopping research. She find topshop, oasis, miss selfridge, river island and many more. But then she found the Warehouse website and fell in love.

A beautful grey trench coat stared back at her. Sarah was entranced.

The next day Sarah had some free time before university and she trotted into the nearest Warehouse. When she had almost given up she found the dream coat tucked between tops and dresses at the back of the store.

She tried it on.

She looked in the mirror.

She took it to the till.

She got a student discount. ;)

The coat was hers!

When Sarah got home she looked lovingly at ner new coat and to this day she loves wearing it. :)


If you read all that well done! lol :) If you just looked at the picture I don't blame you - I got carried away writing my "wee"story. lol :)


Random outfit

I sometimes take a picture of the outfit I am wearing with the intention of doing an OFTD but this never happens. As a result here is a picture of me in an oufit I wore sometime last week. :)

Ignore the dressing gown. lol

I am wearing:

  • Grey top from Primark
  • Denim skirt from Topshop (years ago)
  • Thigh high black socks (possibly Primark) scrunched down a bit
  • Black leather boots from TKMaxx. (new purchase, I love them)

The skirt is very short - I am aware of this. I have though about retiring it and giving it to charity but it would only result in the purchase of another equally short skirt. *sigh* My new rule is the skirt should only be worn with leggings or tights but I get too excited and have broken this rule already. :)

I guess you're only young once eh? Might as well..... :)


New Clothes :)

Over the last few weeks I've bought a couple of new pieces which I've been meaning to show you. :)

1. Pale lilac top from H&M. Purple/lilac has been my fave colour for a while now. I love the length and baggyness of it as well as the shoulder detail shown below.

2. Black and white top from Primark. I'm not usually a fan of geometric style designs but I though the way that this one started off as a pattern then turned into birds (swallows maybe?). I wore this with leggings as it is quite long (tunic-like). Its 100% cotton which I'm a fan of cos I find cotton washes better and lasts longer than anything with viscose in it.

3. Black top with zip detailing from Primark. I love this was such a bargin at £6! I saw this a while ago on hele's blog and she looked amazing in it. I never expected to actually find it in my local primark though. I wore this on a night out with black shorts and gold accessories. I love the one shoulder look and I have since seen quite a few pics of celebs wearing clothes with zip detailing. I feel quite "on trend" with this top. lol :)

Thanks for reading. :) Anyone bought the same?