Sunday, 6 September 2009

New Coat!

I LOVE my new coat.
(I actually got it a few weeks ago and have neglected to tell you all. Sorry)
Sit back and relax. I'm going to tell you a story. :)

The Story of the New Coat

Around Spring time of this year a young girl called Sarah decided to get rid of her winter coats and jackets. The worst of the winter weather had past and she needed more room in her bulging wardorbe. Not forgetting the fact that she was SOOOO very fed up of her old coats. These included a black "duffle" kind of coat from New Look which had gone horribly bobbly and felt minging to wear. (It had only been bought the year before in a moment of desperation when faced with the scottish winter weather.) She also had a "parka" style coat from Primark which had been a bit of an impulse buy and did nothing to keep her dry.

So it was with great satisfaction that she dispatched both jackets to the charity shop. She knew that come Winter she would have to find new jackets/coats and decided to buy quality ones this time that would last well.

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah realised that the weather was turning wetter and colder and she knew that soon enough Scotland would turn into one giant puddle for the rest of the year. She knew she had to find a new coat has a matter of URGENCY!

Sarah did as any young girl of this time and age would do and searched the internet. Nothing like a bit of pre-shopping research. She find topshop, oasis, miss selfridge, river island and many more. But then she found the Warehouse website and fell in love.

A beautful grey trench coat stared back at her. Sarah was entranced.

The next day Sarah had some free time before university and she trotted into the nearest Warehouse. When she had almost given up she found the dream coat tucked between tops and dresses at the back of the store.

She tried it on.

She looked in the mirror.

She took it to the till.

She got a student discount. ;)

The coat was hers!

When Sarah got home she looked lovingly at ner new coat and to this day she loves wearing it. :)


If you read all that well done! lol :) If you just looked at the picture I don't blame you - I got carried away writing my "wee"story. lol :)



  1. Ha I loved your story! And yes I did read the whole thing :) That trench is adorable! You reminded me that I need to get a coat asap as well! xox

  2. @ellamarie84 wow well done! Thank you so much for reading it all. I'm amazed. I got so carried away writing it. lol *massive hug* :) xxx


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