Tuesday, 29 September 2009

She deserves a crown or at the very least a very special cupcake. :)

I purchased Baliste Dry Shampoo a while ago. I probably hear about it from YouTube or Blogger I can't remember which now. Possible lollipop26 had something to do with it. I bought the Tropical one and I quite liked it. So much so that I repurchased it. I didn't love it but I thought it was a good product and useful for freshening up your hair.

Then I read a blog, watched a video and I can now say that in some small way Gemma of Gem's Maquillage and Baliste shampoo have changed my life. Quite a big statement I hear you say, well hear is the story behind it. :)

Before these life-changing events this is how I used Baliste:

  • Occasional usage mainly at night before bedtime so that when I woke up the "whiteness" would have disappearred from my black hair.
  • Application involved random, fairly liberal spraying throughout hair. Think hairspray kind of movements.

At the weekend I was reading Daisy's blog at Cupcakes and Cherries (for exact post click that sexy link) and she mentioned Baliste shampoo and how she wasn't using it properly. She included a link to a video that showed you how to use it properly.

I admit my initial thought was how can someone make a video about this. (Terribly judgemental of me I know. I have my tail firmly behind my legs now.)

So I watched the video. Freaking awesome is the only way to describe it. Check it out here. (In case of crazy link issues its Gemma at Gem's Maquillage on YouTube)

I was using it sooooooo unbelievably wrong. I tried it the way that Gemma shows in the video yesterday and WOW. What a difference. My hair felt and looked so much cleaner. :) And equally importantly it was quick and easy. :)

So thank you Gemma. :) In my opinion, (as the title says) you do deserve a crown or at least a nice cake. :)



  1. Awh thanks so much for linking to my video, I'm so glad it helped you. I was dubious myself about making the video but it was requested so many times. I thought 'gosh what the hell am I going to say?' but it seems to have helped quite a few people!

    Great blog by the way!

    Gemma xoxo

  2. This makes me wonder am I using it wrong too haha off to watch Gemma's video to check :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Amy x

  3. I need to check this out - I've never tried Batiste because I thought it would go all white on dark hair... off to YouTube I go.


  4. Hey have you ever tried Lee Staffords Dry Shampoo?? I love it & would never use Batiste again abit more pricey its around £4 but definately worth it xoxo


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