Sunday, 3 January 2010


2009 – Another year gone. I think it’s important to sometimes take a few minutes to look back on what you’ve done and achieved, not just at the end of a year but even at the end of a day. Before I go to bed I lie and think about the good things that happened that day and what made me smile and laugh. I think the end of 2009 marked an important stage in my life. There wasn’t a specific day or time but at some point I started to learn how to be more positive – how to think more positive and how important positivity is to your own happiness.

So this is what I did in 2009:
~Passed my third year exams
~Went on two lovely summer holidays
~Started fourth year
~Planned an adventure for 2010
~Started going out with an amazing guy
~Had the best New Year ever

I’ve done so many little things but I guess you forget about all those, which is a shame. Maybe I should write them down as I go along.

What did I learn in 2009?
~Think positive

~Communication is vital in a relationship. If you’re too afraid to voice your opinion something is wrong

~Do things which make YOU happy!

~Treasure your female friendships. They are priceless.

~Do what’s right for you, no matter how hard it might be

~Open your eyes, look around you and appreciate the beauty of every day

~Never forget to be thankful for your good health

~If you do something wrong its ok. Everyone makes mistakes. Use it to make yourself into a better person.

~Don’t think so far into the future – enjoy the moment.

What did you learn in 2009?

Love Sarah xxx