Sunday, 6 September 2009

Random outfit

I sometimes take a picture of the outfit I am wearing with the intention of doing an OFTD but this never happens. As a result here is a picture of me in an oufit I wore sometime last week. :)

Ignore the dressing gown. lol

I am wearing:

  • Grey top from Primark
  • Denim skirt from Topshop (years ago)
  • Thigh high black socks (possibly Primark) scrunched down a bit
  • Black leather boots from TKMaxx. (new purchase, I love them)

The skirt is very short - I am aware of this. I have though about retiring it and giving it to charity but it would only result in the purchase of another equally short skirt. *sigh* My new rule is the skirt should only be worn with leggings or tights but I get too excited and have broken this rule already. :)

I guess you're only young once eh? Might as well..... :)


1 comment:

  1. I love this outfit (:
    sounds so stupid but what does OFTD stand for?


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