Thursday, 29 October 2009

Ugly or cute?

Slipper boots. Discuss.

I bought a pair from Primark a few weeks ago and I LOVE them. Is this wrong? I feel like it should be. Afterall they aren’t really a necessity and no-one actually gets to see them bar about 3 people (mum, dad, bf).

And yet they are so ridiculously cosy and warm and I feel much cuter lounging about the house in them.

I actually want more pairs – but I am aware this would be excessive and unnecessary… but still…

What do you think? My mum thought they were ugly. Agree or disgree? Do you wear slipper boots?

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A nasty surprise

This post is about a skincare product. I’m always a bit wary about writing about skincare as it’s such a personal thing. Therefore please be aware that I’m not trying to put you off buying or using this particular product, it may work wonders for you but I am simply blogging about my own personal experience.

I’m a bit fickle when it comes to skincare products especially cleansers. A while ago I tried this one:

Clean&Clear Deep Action Refreshing gel cleanser.

It was quite a spur of the moment purchase. My Body Shop Tea Tree cleanser was running out and I decided to try something new. I like Clean&Clear products and have used them in the past. I am also drawn to anything that says “oil free”.

For reference, I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and shine control issues. I also take acne medication. My skin is 20years old (well obviously I’ve not had those exact same cells for 20yrs but you know what I mean)

To start with I quite liked it. Nothing special but perfectly adequate cleanser. But then it happened…

My skin reacted. I’ve never experienced anything like it. (Bit dramatic but I don’t have sensitive skin). My chin and upper lip area went red, itchy and on closer inspection tiny white sports had appeared. The area felt uncomfortable, sore and tight for 2-3days. Not pleasant. I fixed it using some emollient cream I got from my doctor for a rash I had once and this did the trick nicely. The area still took about 5 days to recover totally. I also noticed that the rest of my face was affected but to less of an extent – basically got very dry.

I can now sympathise with anyone who suffers from sensitive skin or who has had this kind of problem. I felt quite traumatised afterwards!

Anyone else tried this product?

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Winter Boots

One thing I love about autumn and winter is being able to wear boots. To be honest you could probably get away with wearing boots for the majority of the year here in Glasgow but I feel that in the winter months they become a necessity. At some point over the last year – I think it may have been early summer, around the same time of the winter jacket clearout – I also had a winter boot clearout. I got rid of one pair of short ankle boots from Aldo which were cute but hurt, and another pair of flat just below the knee boots from River Island – much loved but worn done.

Therefore at a month of two ago now I decided I needed new boots. It wasn’t so much a “need” or a “want” more a deeper knowledge from within that this purchase HAD to be made. I also wanted to buy early in the season to be prepared for the no doubt sudden change in weather and the numerous wet, cold Scottish days. Additionally, buy early = maximum wear = good value for money. :)

Justification done.

So randomly I was in TKMaxx with my mum (not somewhere I usually go but have come across wonderful hidden gems) and I found THE WINTER BOOTS. I wasn’t even actively looking. It was love at first sight. They ticked all my boxes in what I was looking for in my winter boot.

Flat/low heel
Below the knee

Very comfortable and priced at a reasonable £40.


Since purchasing I have worn these almost every day. They are comfortable, keep my feet warm and dry, and go with everything. I couldn’t ask for more.

For completeness to this post I thought I’d also share with you my gorgeous Dune boots which I got in the sale last year. These are my “going out winter boots”. Happy times. :)

Do you have winter boots? What are they like?


Oh dear

Just realised its been almost a month since my last post. This is shocking. And yet still I have gained a few new followers. Thank you so much for clicking that magic "follow" button. :) I've decided to adopt a new approach - write a number of blog posts when time, save then publishing over a few days. I've done three so far so keep a look out for those. :)