Thursday, 29 October 2009

Ugly or cute?

Slipper boots. Discuss.

I bought a pair from Primark a few weeks ago and I LOVE them. Is this wrong? I feel like it should be. Afterall they aren’t really a necessity and no-one actually gets to see them bar about 3 people (mum, dad, bf).

And yet they are so ridiculously cosy and warm and I feel much cuter lounging about the house in them.

I actually want more pairs – but I am aware this would be excessive and unnecessary… but still…

What do you think? My mum thought they were ugly. Agree or disgree? Do you wear slipper boots?


  1. Cute! And a necessity for this side of the world at the moment! :) x

  2. Cute cute CUTE! I'm hoping Primark still sells them - it's time I popped in...

  3. yey! I'm glad you're with me girls. I'm wearing then right now and my feet are mega cosy :D xxx

  4. I likes... :)
    Though its summer 365 in where i live, i always have cold feet and hands! Hehe, so I'm on yr side!

  5. i would go with warm =]

  6. lol ! Thank you thats so nice of you xD
    And yeah i did! Ahaha Marvin and atson took tops off xD WOW!


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