Sunday, 25 October 2009

Winter Boots

One thing I love about autumn and winter is being able to wear boots. To be honest you could probably get away with wearing boots for the majority of the year here in Glasgow but I feel that in the winter months they become a necessity. At some point over the last year – I think it may have been early summer, around the same time of the winter jacket clearout – I also had a winter boot clearout. I got rid of one pair of short ankle boots from Aldo which were cute but hurt, and another pair of flat just below the knee boots from River Island – much loved but worn done.

Therefore at a month of two ago now I decided I needed new boots. It wasn’t so much a “need” or a “want” more a deeper knowledge from within that this purchase HAD to be made. I also wanted to buy early in the season to be prepared for the no doubt sudden change in weather and the numerous wet, cold Scottish days. Additionally, buy early = maximum wear = good value for money. :)

Justification done.

So randomly I was in TKMaxx with my mum (not somewhere I usually go but have come across wonderful hidden gems) and I found THE WINTER BOOTS. I wasn’t even actively looking. It was love at first sight. They ticked all my boxes in what I was looking for in my winter boot.

Flat/low heel
Below the knee

Very comfortable and priced at a reasonable £40.


Since purchasing I have worn these almost every day. They are comfortable, keep my feet warm and dry, and go with everything. I couldn’t ask for more.

For completeness to this post I thought I’d also share with you my gorgeous Dune boots which I got in the sale last year. These are my “going out winter boots”. Happy times. :)

Do you have winter boots? What are they like?



  1. LOVE them! Those new ones are so hot. Love the second pair too, the ones I have are actually very similar to those, but yours are cuter :) I agree with you, one of the only reasons I like fall/winter is because I can wear boots!

  2. Those boots are super cute. Where I live we get snow and I mean like 8 feet of snow so I finally splurged and bout a pair of emu boot and now I'm just waiting for snow :D


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