Monday, 17 August 2009

Obsessions Tag

The fantastically fabulous Fasionable Affair tagged me. :) Thank youooo! Here is the link to her blog which is a wonderful mixture of celeb pics and fashions and as well as showing us loads of looks and outfits from her own wardrobe. :)

The rules with this award are:
1) List 5 current obsessions
2) Pass the award on to 5 fabulous blogs
3) Mention the person who tagged you and post their blog link
4) Post links to the 5 winners and let them know!

My Current 5 obsessions:

  1. The new Black Eyed Peas album "The E.N.D." Love the BEP, went to see then years ago when they were on tour.
  2. Glamalot by Soap and Glory. Smells divine!
  3. Benefit's "You Rebel" tinted moisturiser. Loving not being caked in foundation.
  4. My new trench coat. Not worn it much yet admittedly but I do love looking at in affectionately. lol
  5. Reading fashion blogs and looking at fashion pics. I just love seeing what people are wearing. :)

I tag...

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Yey! :)

50 followers! Yey. :) Thank you so much to all my followers. I know 50 is nothing compared to what some people have on blogger but its a lot to me. :)

Hello to my new followers who have helped me reach 50. :)

Hope you're all having a good weekend. :)

Lots of love and smiles.


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Barry M Lip paints

Here is the last in the series about my Barry M products.

I have three lip paints. From left to right:

  • 129 Palest lavender
  • 107 Pink Glitter
  • 101 Marshmellow

I will start by confessing that yes I did buy 129 and 101 purely because of the hype on blogger.

129: Pretty lilac colour. Very wearble. Nice consistency

107: Amazing glittery pink. Actual chunks of glittery goodness.

101: The famous Barry M nude. Nice colour. Horrible consistency. Very drying on my lips. :(

More shades are available on the Barry M website and in superdrug and boots stores.

Have you tried any of the new shades?


Barry M Fine Glitter Dusts

Sorry these further installments about my little Barry M collection have taken so long.

Here are my two fine glitter dusts and one loose body glitter.

Sorry about the blurry picture.

From left to right:

  • 10 Yellow Gold Fine Glitter Dust
  • 13 Blue Silver Fine Glitter Dust
  • LE2 Loose Body Glitter (only just realised that this is limited edition)

The fine glitter dusts are great for a night out and themed looks. They vary greatly in consistency in my opinion. The gold is much smoother and only marginally chunkier than a dazzle dust. On the other hand the silver is basically fine chunks of glitter. I actually prefer this. It looks amazing when placed on top of a white eyeshadow. The tip with these is too lay them on top of your finished eyeshadow above the crease near the brow bone. Damping your eyeshadow brush with fix+ from MAC then picking up some of the glitter can help the product stick better. :)

The Loose Body Glitter is available in other colours but no longer gold. This stuff must be handled with extreme caution! It goes everywhere and is difficult to remove from some hard surfaces. (My painted chest of drawers has never recovered. lol) But it is fantastically glittery so I forgive it. :)

Check out the BarryM website here


Sunday, 9 August 2009

BarryM dazzle dusts

Here are my four wee dazzle dusts:

Aren't they cute? :)

From left to right we have:

  1. 75 lime

  2. 85 neon pink

  3. 53 chocolate

  4. 23 midnight

Why do I love dazzle dusts?

  • Cheap. Great price at £4.50. Much better option than MAC pigments I think.
  • Colourful. Amazing colour range. Awesome pigmentation.
  • Versatile. Can be used wet or dry. Apply a little and blend like crazy for a light wash of colour or pack it on for a more dramatic look.
  • Fun. They always make me smile and are fantastic for themed events where a dramatic, dress-up look is required.

A bit about each one:

  1. Lime - this was originally bought for St Patricks day and is a shimmery pale green colour.
  2. Neon pink - this was bought for a themed event (the theme was rave lol) and is a truly awesome bright neon colour. LOVE it.
  3. Chocolate - very wearable dark brown colour. Looks great in crease and when paired with gold/bronze colours.
  4. Midnight - very unusual dark shimmery blue colour. Gorgeous. Looks amazing when paired with a pale lilac.

Check out the full range of BarryM colours here.

Looking at all the colours on the internet makes me drool a bit. lol I would love to expand my collection and get some of the more natural colours and the purples.

What dazzle dusts do you have? Any faves?


Barry M Nail Polishes

Here's an in depth look at my Barry M nail polishes:

From left to right:

  1. 289 Gold
  2. 292 Navy
  3. 54 3 in 1 clear
  4. 47 Black
  5. 272 Shocking pink
  6. 119 Baby pink
  7. 264 Pink iridescent

Each bottle contains 10ml of nail polish and costs £2.95 from the BarryM website. Click here to see all their amazing colours. I paid the same I believe from Superdrug or Boots.

What do I love about BarryM nail polishes?

  • The price. Cheerfully cheap. Very affordable. Especially for someon like me who only wears nail polish for special occasions and holidays.
  • The quality. Great pigmentation, non-streaky. I've never really had problems applying these.
  • The colour range. Its like a rainbow. :)

A bit about each colour:

  • Gold: Lovely sparkles. Darker, antique-y gold colour. Pretty Xmas colour.
  • Navy: One of my faves. Bought to match dress. Unique dark blue with gorgeous shimmer. Beautiful rich intensity of colour.
  • 3 in 1 clear: Basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener all in one. I love a product that can multitask. Very good basecoat and nail hardener. Not so great as topcoat.
  • Black: Solid black colour. No shimmer or sparkle - a classic staple.
  • Shocking pink: Not all that shocking but great bright magenta pink. Looks great on toes during summer.
  • Baby pink: I think of this as porn star pink and love it.
  • Pink iridescent: This makes me smile a lot. Its so sparkly with proper chunks of glitter. Very girly. I think of barbies and pink fluffy things. Looks great alone or when painted over any darker colour. Fast drying.

Hope that was fairly interesting. :) What are your favourite BarryM nail polishes? Any suggestions for what I should try next? I'm thinking something purple....


Barry M collection

I promised I'd do this a long time ago when there was all the BarryM hype on Blogger. Better late than never I say... :)

This is all of my small collections. I have 7 nail polishes; 4 dazzle dusts, 2 fine glitter dusts; 1 body glitter; 1 eyeliner pencil and 3 lipsticks. Its probably a very small collection compared to some peoples but its the largest amount of make-up I have from one brand. I've built the collection up over time, with some items being bought for special occasions. Barry M has an amazing colour range and is therefore great to turn to if your trying to find nail polishes or eyeshadows to match to a particular outfit.
In the next few posts I'll talk about the products in more detail. :)
How many BarryM products do you have?

One of those weekends...

It's been one of those horrible, done nothing, wasted a lot of time weekends. :( Felt rotten and unmotivated to do anything at all useful or productive. I hate it when I get like that. Feels like in in a massive rut all alone, which is ridiculous really. I blame it all on female hormones, I really do.

Anyway went to tkd this afternoon and feel better than I have for the last two and a bit days. Yey! Feel vaguely human, alive and happy. :) Clearly the exercise was good for me. I wasn't even going to go because I felt so BLEURGH. lol

Hope everyone had a happier, more productive weekend than me. lol What did you get up to? :)