Sunday, 9 August 2009

Barry M collection

I promised I'd do this a long time ago when there was all the BarryM hype on Blogger. Better late than never I say... :)

This is all of my small collections. I have 7 nail polishes; 4 dazzle dusts, 2 fine glitter dusts; 1 body glitter; 1 eyeliner pencil and 3 lipsticks. Its probably a very small collection compared to some peoples but its the largest amount of make-up I have from one brand. I've built the collection up over time, with some items being bought for special occasions. Barry M has an amazing colour range and is therefore great to turn to if your trying to find nail polishes or eyeshadows to match to a particular outfit.
In the next few posts I'll talk about the products in more detail. :)
How many BarryM products do you have?

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