Sunday, 9 August 2009

Barry M Nail Polishes

Here's an in depth look at my Barry M nail polishes:

From left to right:

  1. 289 Gold
  2. 292 Navy
  3. 54 3 in 1 clear
  4. 47 Black
  5. 272 Shocking pink
  6. 119 Baby pink
  7. 264 Pink iridescent

Each bottle contains 10ml of nail polish and costs £2.95 from the BarryM website. Click here to see all their amazing colours. I paid the same I believe from Superdrug or Boots.

What do I love about BarryM nail polishes?

  • The price. Cheerfully cheap. Very affordable. Especially for someon like me who only wears nail polish for special occasions and holidays.
  • The quality. Great pigmentation, non-streaky. I've never really had problems applying these.
  • The colour range. Its like a rainbow. :)

A bit about each colour:

  • Gold: Lovely sparkles. Darker, antique-y gold colour. Pretty Xmas colour.
  • Navy: One of my faves. Bought to match dress. Unique dark blue with gorgeous shimmer. Beautiful rich intensity of colour.
  • 3 in 1 clear: Basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener all in one. I love a product that can multitask. Very good basecoat and nail hardener. Not so great as topcoat.
  • Black: Solid black colour. No shimmer or sparkle - a classic staple.
  • Shocking pink: Not all that shocking but great bright magenta pink. Looks great on toes during summer.
  • Baby pink: I think of this as porn star pink and love it.
  • Pink iridescent: This makes me smile a lot. Its so sparkly with proper chunks of glitter. Very girly. I think of barbies and pink fluffy things. Looks great alone or when painted over any darker colour. Fast drying.

Hope that was fairly interesting. :) What are your favourite BarryM nail polishes? Any suggestions for what I should try next? I'm thinking something purple....



  1. Lol! Porn star pink? That's interesting. =] But anyways, I never seen this brand yet! Oohhhh!

  2. defnitley envious of your barry m collection. I so wish we had it heree!

  3. would have been nice to see some swatches on your nails; especially that pink iridescent one!


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