Saturday, 15 August 2009

Barry M Fine Glitter Dusts

Sorry these further installments about my little Barry M collection have taken so long.

Here are my two fine glitter dusts and one loose body glitter.

Sorry about the blurry picture.

From left to right:

  • 10 Yellow Gold Fine Glitter Dust
  • 13 Blue Silver Fine Glitter Dust
  • LE2 Loose Body Glitter (only just realised that this is limited edition)

The fine glitter dusts are great for a night out and themed looks. They vary greatly in consistency in my opinion. The gold is much smoother and only marginally chunkier than a dazzle dust. On the other hand the silver is basically fine chunks of glitter. I actually prefer this. It looks amazing when placed on top of a white eyeshadow. The tip with these is too lay them on top of your finished eyeshadow above the crease near the brow bone. Damping your eyeshadow brush with fix+ from MAC then picking up some of the glitter can help the product stick better. :)

The Loose Body Glitter is available in other colours but no longer gold. This stuff must be handled with extreme caution! It goes everywhere and is difficult to remove from some hard surfaces. (My painted chest of drawers has never recovered. lol) But it is fantastically glittery so I forgive it. :)

Check out the BarryM website here


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