Sunday, 9 August 2009

BarryM dazzle dusts

Here are my four wee dazzle dusts:

Aren't they cute? :)

From left to right we have:

  1. 75 lime

  2. 85 neon pink

  3. 53 chocolate

  4. 23 midnight

Why do I love dazzle dusts?

  • Cheap. Great price at £4.50. Much better option than MAC pigments I think.
  • Colourful. Amazing colour range. Awesome pigmentation.
  • Versatile. Can be used wet or dry. Apply a little and blend like crazy for a light wash of colour or pack it on for a more dramatic look.
  • Fun. They always make me smile and are fantastic for themed events where a dramatic, dress-up look is required.

A bit about each one:

  1. Lime - this was originally bought for St Patricks day and is a shimmery pale green colour.
  2. Neon pink - this was bought for a themed event (the theme was rave lol) and is a truly awesome bright neon colour. LOVE it.
  3. Chocolate - very wearable dark brown colour. Looks great in crease and when paired with gold/bronze colours.
  4. Midnight - very unusual dark shimmery blue colour. Gorgeous. Looks amazing when paired with a pale lilac.

Check out the full range of BarryM colours here.

Looking at all the colours on the internet makes me drool a bit. lol I would love to expand my collection and get some of the more natural colours and the purples.

What dazzle dusts do you have? Any faves?



  1. I love the lime and midnight ones! I have one, a bright pink that I have had for years, its so bright you can only use a bit at a time!

  2. oooo i don't have any dazzle dusts, but those look to good to pass up! I might have to source some out :) I love the olive green one


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