Monday, 17 August 2009

Obsessions Tag

The fantastically fabulous Fasionable Affair tagged me. :) Thank youooo! Here is the link to her blog which is a wonderful mixture of celeb pics and fashions and as well as showing us loads of looks and outfits from her own wardrobe. :)

The rules with this award are:
1) List 5 current obsessions
2) Pass the award on to 5 fabulous blogs
3) Mention the person who tagged you and post their blog link
4) Post links to the 5 winners and let them know!

My Current 5 obsessions:

  1. The new Black Eyed Peas album "The E.N.D." Love the BEP, went to see then years ago when they were on tour.
  2. Glamalot by Soap and Glory. Smells divine!
  3. Benefit's "You Rebel" tinted moisturiser. Loving not being caked in foundation.
  4. My new trench coat. Not worn it much yet admittedly but I do love looking at in affectionately. lol
  5. Reading fashion blogs and looking at fashion pics. I just love seeing what people are wearing. :)

I tag...


  1. Aww! Thanks for tagging me =]

    I love "You Rebel" too and how it feels on the skin!

  2. congrats! and i have to say that i love reading other people's blogs too and it really like yours. :) keep up the great blogging.


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