Friday, 12 June 2009

Body Shop Haul

The other day I went into my "local" body shop for some new skincare products. I have been eyeing up their range some quite some time. Here's what I got.

The products came in a cute paper bag which is all quite lovely but a bit impractical. Environmentally friendly thumbs up though. :)

I purchased:

  • Tea tree oil foaming facial wash for £4.50
  • Tea tree oil mattifying moisturiser for £6.00
  • Tea tree oil (15%) for £3.90

I have used the tea tree oil bar of soap from this range for a year or two and have never had any problems with it. I even preferred it over the Clinique Facial wash stuff. I have also tried the Tea tree toner before from the body shop but I hated it.

I've been having major skin issues at the moment which are gradually going away after exam stress. I'll let you know how I'm getting on with these products soon. :)

Thanks for reading.


P.S. I have oily skin thats prone to breakouts and spots. Hence why I chose this range. I've heard good things about the Seaweed one for people with normal/combo skin.

Summery Outfit

Hey blogger friends!

Here is a picture I found on my camera from the other day. It was warm and sunny so I picked out this outfit..

Sorry about the picture quality havn't got around to polishing that mirror yet. lol

I am wearing:

  • Pink halterneck top by H&M.
  • White linen trousers by Primark
  • Gold leather pumps by New Look
  • "Love" necklace by Aldo.
  • White watch by Oasis.

As you can see by this post and my last outfit post all of my clothes are from the high street. Hope this doesn't put readers off. I'd love to be able to mix designer and high street brands but unfortunately my bank account would simply not be able to manage this. lol

Hope your having a nice morning. I need to decide on my outfit for tonight. Off to see my bf's band at a gig. :)


Saturday, 6 June 2009

Outfit of Yesterday

I love reading people's outift of the day posts so I thought I'd try doing one myself. I wouldn't regard myself as fashionable or stylish but I do like to make an effort into looking nice. :) Unfortunately, I didn't have time to do the post yesterday so I'm a day late. lol

Apologies for the random blurry bits - I clearly need to clean that mirror. lol

So this is what I wore to uni on friday.

  • Red jacket/blazer from topshop
  • Over-sized, customised white t-shirt
  • Skinny black jeans from H&M
  • White pumps from new look
  • Waist belt from primark
  • Gold "LOVE" necklace from Aldo

Its nothing very exciting I'm afraid. :)


Friday, 5 June 2009

TAG! woooooo

Hi everyone, sorry about the lack of posts recently. :( Even though I have finished my exams I now have a report to write as well as lots of last minute uni stuff to do. Only two more week though and I'm finished for the summer. Yey! Hi to all my new followers as well. Thanks for following. :D

I was tagged by A fashionable affair. Thank you so much! I am mega excited to be doing this tag as I was loving reading everyone else's and I just loved getting tagged in general. :)

Enough waffle, lets get down to business. :P

Where do I blog...

This is my messy desk. I've had this next for years and it was actually my grandad's originally. We put a new table top on it to make it bigger and painted it white. My mum also made wee curtains to cover over the side storage areas. So this is where I sit to use my laptop and study. Its usually covered in paper and books etc. On the wall I have random postcards and bits and pieces.
What I'm wearing...
I'm currently wearing skinny black jeans by H&M; an oversized white t-shirt; a black and gold waist belt from primark; black hoop earrings from Claire's; and some gold jewellery.
Last thing I read...
I don't have time to read for pleasure/leisure during term time because all I'd do was read stories and not about my actual subject. So I ban myself. lol I am a very quick reader though and books have always been in my life for as long as I can remember. To be perfectly honest though the last thing I read was for my report. How dull. :(
Do I nap lot...
Never. I can't sleep during the day. I have to be really, really, really ill to sleep during the day and even then its not for very long.
Last person I hugged...
Probably my friend Nicola. She is awesome. :D
Current obsession/addiction...
Blistex Relief cream and counting down the days till the holidays.
I've not had this yet as it is 10.48 in the morning. lol Last night was some awesome spagetti with bacon and mushrooms and courgettes. I'm hoping for more awesome pasta tonight. :D
Last thing I bought...
Very unexciting. Yesterday, I bought a copy of the Independent newspaper so I could get the free bottle of water. There was logic behind this I think.
Listening to right now...
Nothing! Although a few minutes ago it was Radio 1.
A Superpower...
Hmmm tricky. I've never really felt the need for one. More hassle than its worth I think. lol
Favourite weather and why...
Sunshine but not to warm. Like first thing in the morning before it heats up. Also cold crispy frosty morning with blue skies. :)
Time I usually get up...
At the moment I don't usually have uni in the morning as our timetable is lighter at the moment. (This is rare!) Usually it is aabout 6.40-6.45 am sometimes if I need to go somewhere further away its more like 6.30am.
Most challenging goal just now...
Writing my report of 2,500 words for monday. Hmmm...
Something to the person who tagged me...
Love your blog. :) Its always so interesting and varied. I like the posts you do about celebrities and what they are wearing. Keeps me in the know. lol Also love how you reply to me on twitter. :) Its nice when people reply. You seem like a lovely bubbly friendly person. :)
Favourite Item of Clothing...
I really don't know! *lightbulb moment* ! My wee purple jacket from topshop about two years ago. :D
Favourite pair of shoes I go back to over and over again...
My white pumps from new look.
One thing I can't live without...
My boyfriend. :D
11.30 ish
Wake up anywhere it would be...
My boyfriend's bed or Paris.
I tag...
Thanks for reading. xxx