Saturday, 6 June 2009

Outfit of Yesterday

I love reading people's outift of the day posts so I thought I'd try doing one myself. I wouldn't regard myself as fashionable or stylish but I do like to make an effort into looking nice. :) Unfortunately, I didn't have time to do the post yesterday so I'm a day late. lol

Apologies for the random blurry bits - I clearly need to clean that mirror. lol

So this is what I wore to uni on friday.

  • Red jacket/blazer from topshop
  • Over-sized, customised white t-shirt
  • Skinny black jeans from H&M
  • White pumps from new look
  • Waist belt from primark
  • Gold "LOVE" necklace from Aldo

Its nothing very exciting I'm afraid. :)



  1. Very cute! And I love your profile pic. =)

  2. Very, very cute ;) I love how you added the red for more color. Very bold!

    ~ Following your blog. Hope to read more from you! BTW, I'm Cheysser and you are? ♥♥♥

    PS: What's your other half? That's so cool! (The one opposite from Chinese)

  3. @ A fashionable Affair and @ Ellie thank you! Was a bit worried about doing this post. :)

  4. @mszcheysser my other half is glaswegian i.e. scottish!. lol :)


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