Saturday, 19 September 2009


A while ago there was a three for two offer on Revlon products in Superdrug and I purchased the following three items:

  1. Nail Enamel in "Cherries in the Snow" £6.16
  2. Nail Enamel in "Purple Petal" £6.16
  3. Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Cherries in the Snow" £7.13

I also got the BarryM 3 in 1 mascara.

I've had these products for a while so I feel that I'm ina pretty decent position to let you know what I think.

The Revlon Nail Polishes

  • Nice colours.
  • I found the "Cherries in the Snow" went on more red than I expected and is less raspberry-ish than the lipstick.
  • Good to work with but quite a bit runny-er than I'm used to.
  • Only bad thing I really than to say is that these did'nt really last that well for me, and that was with the Seche vite on top. Maybe just me.

Revlon Lipstick

  • Pretty colour although it does scare me
  • Lasts very well on the lips
  • Doesn't seem to dry out my lips that much. (My lips are quite prone to drying out out and lipstick is often unwearable but this doesn't do nasty things like that)
  • I usually dab this on my lips and wear with lip balm to tone down the colour and make it more "safe". lol Hopefully, I'll have the guts to go all out and wear it properly soon.

BarryM Mascara

  • I like it. I don't love it. I like my mascara to add masses of volume and length. Definition and separation aren't really my thing and I'm not going to stress about some clumping. I like the dramatic lash look. Not everyone's thing I know. Hence this mascara is good but I don't think I'll buy it again because it just isnt vavavoom-ish enough. lol :P



  1. I'm loving Purple Petal at the moment, it's so pretty! 'Cherries in the Snow' is such a lovely name for a polish, it makes me want to buy it!haha
    Amy x

  2. I was eyeing up purple petal the other week in boots, it looks like a gorgeous, unique colour. xXx


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