Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Favourite Nail Polish of the Summer

I have never been a big nails person. Partly because I can be a bit impatient and hate waiting for the stuff to dry but also because due to what I do at uni I'm not allowed to wear nail polish for the majority of the time.

HOWEVER... a result of all the nails talk on Blogger over the last few weeks and months I've got sucked in. But its a happy kind of sucked in. :) My very small nail polish collection has grown a fair bit. Thanks for this mainly goes to hele1 who is in my opinion queen of nails/nail polish/and all nail related matters here on Blogger.

So here is my fave summer nail polish. It was purchased after reading about it on someone's blog, sorry I can't remember who's.

This is Rose Libertine from Rimmel. Its in their 60 second range (this appeals to me a lot). It a gorgeous coral pink colour and applies very smoothly. It does dry pretty quick and lasts well too. I basically wore this throughout the summer and it made me smile and feel happy inside when I looked at my nails.

What's been your nail polish of the summer?



  1. I have this one too - it's great. I'm also loving my OPI cajun shrimp - a bright orange-y crimson.

  2. This is such a lovely summery colour. I change my nail colour about 3 times a week, so do not really have a colour of the summer.

  3. I absolutely love this nail polish aswell! I've been loving coral nails this summer! xXx

  4. Need to get this! Love it.
    Just followed you! come and say hello on my blog too if you can.

  5. @buttonsoph that is dedication. I'm so not patient enough. Too lazy as well. lol

  6. Mine is the Revlon "Scented when dry" line, love "Not Too Blue-berry". Check NOTD for pics on my blog :-)

  7. I have that polish, it's gorgeous!Come check out my blog, I am running a Miss World contest that ends tonight!

  8. Thats such a pretty colour i need to buy it :)
    I only have bright nail varnish lol

  9. I bought that Rimmel colour, how gorgeous is it?! Love cream nail polishes.

    Lauren x


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