Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A lovely pink bargin

As I mentioned in my last post I went shopping today. :)

I've already showed you the cosmetic products I purchased but I also got a little something else. I promised myself that I would buy any more clothes because I don't need them. I've got plenty of summer clothes especially since I live in Scotland. lol

HOWEVER, I decided to "have a wander" in Vera Moda. I instantly spotted a lovely pink dress hanging up right in front of me as soon as I'd climbed the stairs into the shop. Love at first sight. Even more interestingly there was a sign above the rail that they were hanging on saying "Everything £10 or less". £10!!! - I thought must be a mistake. I checked the label and there was no mark down on it. Just its original price of £34.99. After a wee tour of the shop, my heart was still crying out for the dress so I decided might as well ask the shop assistant if it really was £10. I had a horrible feeling she was going to laugh at me for being so daft.


can you believe it....

It actually was £10!!! Bargin. It was tried on. And bought. Simple.

So here it is:

Its a lovely mid-tone cerise pink. Silky and floaty material. Lined inside.

Here is a close up of the detailing at the top.

I'm plannign on wearing this in the evenings either really casually with flats and simple jewellery or with heels and mega bling. Not sure if I'll wear a belt with it or not.

Thanks again for reading. :)

Love to hear your thoughts. :) What kinda of jewellery, accessories etc. :)



  1. what a cute top!!! I love the color and the fabric, looks so comfy!!!! =)

    Doubts on Belts? sure hun! add them to the outfit, why not? tuck in the blouse and add a pencil skirt with a pair of sexy sandals and a belt, you will look amazing!!!!
    ...i can see it, i can see it! Lol

  2. thats really cute. Nice and bright :D x


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