Thursday, 19 February 2009

What did I learn this thursday?

Im really enjoying doing these random posts. It lets me rant about any bad parts of my day in a rather odd/interesting way. And tell you any good stuff too. They might be very dull but I don't really care because I find it very therapeutic. lol

What did I learn today?
1. Cancelling lectures at the last minute after you have travelled all the way to uni is NOT cool.
2. Its fun watching people play with cool, shiny new machines. They get so excited. :)
3. Barry M dazzle dust in no. 53 is awesome for a neutralish, browny smokey eye look.
4. The need for spring clothes shopping grows stronger every day.

So spring is officially here. Saw quite a number of ladies with their bare legs out today. Not that remarkable I hear you say. Fair do's but then again it is Scotland and it is only Febuary. I've still got my coat and scarf on. lol

love love. more laters. :) xxx

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  1. I think thats what Blogs are about most of the time, all about us voicing off and getting the therapeutic vibes from them, so you go and feel free! You can tell Spring is coming in Manchester as less people are wearing gloves! Be nice if there were flower buds, birds singing all that jazz but nope.


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