Monday, 23 February 2009

A truly awful monday

I had a horrible, stressful, busy day. I had moaned about this to whoever will listen. I have ranted A LOT. However, I feel that I have got most of the anger/stress/rantingness/moaning/complaining bitterly..... out of my system now. Lucky for you guys reading this eh? :) So now I can give you the lovely calm and relaxed insight of what I learnt today....
What did I learn this monday:
1. Not providing sufficient information before an event can cause major panic and chaos. But brought out my quick-thinking skills (they were better than I thought). :)
2. Some people are totally unaware that the people they are talking to have other places they need to be.
3. Taxis are very, very, very useful in event of emergency/panic/change of plans
4. Primary 7 kids know a lot about toothbrushing
5. How it feels to ride in a 4x4.
6. My make-up can last quite well from 7am-7pm
7. Some things will always be a waste of time.
Im going to bed and hoping that tomo will be a better day. :)
love love xxx

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