Monday, 2 March 2009

Coming soon..........

Sorry for the lack of posts. :( I've been trying to be very good and do uni work However I did find time to go shopping last week and got a few wee things. Not very exciting but I did get one lip product which I LOVE. It seriously rivals my other two faves that I wrote about and thats not something I say very often. Anyway, another more detailed post about that later. :)

I still havn't done any spring/summer clothes shopping or got a ball dress. :( This makes me sad.

However, I did get to travel on the bus today with my bf (our time schedules rarely ever match up); and had a relatively successful day at uni. Oh and a great lunch. These things make me happy. :)

I have just remembered Ive got a tag to do. *sticks a mental post-it note on her forehead*

love love xxx

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