Thursday, 5 March 2009

TAG: 6 things that make me happy

Hiya I was tagged to do this an embarrassingly long time ago by the lovely Lazula80. (you can find her here: ) Sorry its taken me so long!

So here we go....

1. My boyfriend. Been going out with him for two years now, and he makes me very very, very, I-get-dancing-feet kinda happy. lol He knows me sooo well and can often predict what Im going to do before I even know myself. Anyway I could talk about him all day but lets not cos I'll make you all sick with the mushyness. :)

2. My uni friends. They are the bestest. We had the best rants to each other and the best laughs too. We are so wonderfully geeky together, yet cool in our own extra special way. :)

3. The prospect of a big night out. I love going out. I live by the work hard, party hard rule. I don't get to party as much as I would sometimes like but when I do it is done properly. lol Uni nights out with a theme are always so much fun.

4. Spring. Signs of spring are making me very happy at the moment. I love seeing snowdrops and the buds of the trees. Also, this is not really related to spring but I love seeing wildlife from the bus window on my way to uni. Like deer, and birds of prey etc. It makes me smile being able to spot these creatures minding their own business while no-one else on the bus seems to notice them. I saw a fox once sculking about in a field - Im quite proud of that. Probably seems really sad but it gives me a huge sense of wellbeing.

5. Make-up. Yeah is this sad? I feel like I shoulda come up with something made meaningful. But I love make-up and applying it and shopping for it makes me happy. The end.

6. Surprises. Getting nice surprises makes me happy. As does planning surprises for other people. :)

Thats it. Apologies for the lack of depth and insight. I went a bit mad with the colours due to lack of picys.

I tag: Dazzledust25 GlossQueen and Ondine. Apologies if you have already done this tag. :)

love love xxx

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  1. Pretty much agree with everyone on of those! :D


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