Sunday, 29 March 2009

Reviewing some stuff

Oh dear. Its been an age since I last blogged. Been very busy with uni work I'm afraid. However, I have done a wee bit of make-up shopping in between times but unfortunately I havn't been able to share my hauls with you. :( Sorry. The only good side of this is that I've now had some of these products for a while so I can offer you my thoughts on them. :)

Ok now you're going to think I really sad here, but I actually took picys of the stuff I'd bought when I got back from the shops. lol Just because I knew at some point that I'd want/need to blog about it. lol

Haul 1

We have some sponges, nivea lip care, dove deodorant and sudocream. These were from boots and bodycare. So... here's what I think about...

1. The sponges. I bought these for cleaning my face. I used to a flannel, I tried these, hated them and I have now gone back to cotton wool. Definitely not the most environmentally friendly option but much better for my skin.

2. The Nivea Lip Care "Caregloss and Shine". I believe this is a colour called pink... something. There are two shades that I am aware of and I went for the pinkier, darker one. The other is a more nude colour. I love this. Like when I first got it I couldn't stop wearing it. This is a good sign. Pretty cheap too. I'm sure it wasn't more than £2.

3. The Dove Deodorant. I like dove deodrants they do make my underarms smoother and nicer. I also really like "stick" deodorants. A bit like soap admittedly but preferably to spraying stuff everywhere and those horrible roll-ons. *shivers*. Anyway I usually go for the original one, but this time I tried the "Invisible Dry Anti-White Marks". It smells a bit different but still pleasant. Only thing I'd say is it isnt totally anti-white marks. I didnt think it would be tbh. It is defo less white marks than the other one but not totally fool proof when wearing a black top.

4. Sudocream. I was late on this whole bandwagon. I tried it after listening to and reading the wonderful comments from lollipop26. (Check her blog out its amazing). Anyway, I was perhaps too optimistic and excited about this product. Unfortunately it didnt work for me at all. Dried my skin out horribly. I could perhaps try it again in the summer.....

Thats it for this post. Hopefully more to follow. If there is one thing you try make it that Nivea lip gloss. :)

Love love xxx

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