Monday, 6 April 2009

Haul pictures

Ive decide to post a seies of pictures of things I have bought over the last month. In no particular order I'm afraid because I can't remember when I got them. lol Doesn't really matter anyway. :) So here we go..

Non-make-up related. I got these in WHSmith. The notebook is A4 and lined inside and was going cheap. It was about £1.99 I think, which isn't too bad. I love the pinkness of it. The study cards are a really good idea and I'm finding them really useful at the moment as I'm studying hard for my exams. I have since bought another pack of them I liked them so much. You can write a question of one side and the answer of the other. They are held together by a keyring-like metal loop which opens up so that you can change the order. Great idea but overpriced I paid about £2-£4 for a pack of two.

This was quite a serious haul I did one morning. I got MAC makeup wipes; MAC brush cleaner; BeneFit slanted brush; Clinique take the day off; and some nivea visage eye cream. Here are my opinions of each product. :)

1. MAC Wipes. I hate these. There you go doesn't get much simpler than that. lol I have heard many people rave about these. Like properly rave and say how amazing they are. I disagree. I've never really felt so strongly before about a product but these are overpriced rubbish. They do not remove even half of my make-up; they are dry; small in size; thin; and stink. Horrible, horrible smell. I think it's meant to be cucumber....Anyway not a pleasant smell. I can't believe how expensive these are but how poor they are in terms of quality. I much, much, MUCH prefer my Johnson's 3 in 1 facial cleansing wipes. These are only about £2-£3 and are fantastic. In a different league from the MAC ones. Sorry about the lengthy rant, I had no-one else to moan about this too so unfortunately I've just moaned about it on here.

2. MAC brush cleaner. I like this. I won't rant about this. lol I have transfered some of it into a wee spray bottle to make it easier to use. Very effective product.

3. Benefit slanted brush. LOVE this. I love the soft bristles. I like the short handle. I like the slantedness. lol A MA at their counter once used this brush to put blusher on me and I lvoed it then. I find it much easier to apply my blusher to the right place with this product. I admit I'm not great on the blusher front so this simplifies things a bit for me. :)

4. Clinique Take the Day Off. I used to have this. I loved it. It ran out and I didn't buy a new one. Until now! I still love this product. I havn't found anything better to remove my eye make-up remover with.

5. Nivea Visage Anti-wrinkle Q10 plus eye cream. My friend had a right hoot when I told her about this. I'm quite young but I have recently noticed some very fine lines appearing under my eyes. I was, and still am, very distressed about this. Like really upset. I can't convey how upset I am by this. My friend thinks Im being daft but I can notice it. On sneaky inspections of my other friends eye areas I notice that they have similar if not worse lines/bags. But Im really quite young. This should not be happening. My mum has amazing skin and zero wrinkles and she is 50!

Anyway that was the whole reason for that haul - the eye wrinkle issue. I think I'd been pretty horrible to my eyes with cheap make-up remover hence the purchasing of the clinique. I was not impressive with the nivea so if anyone has any eye cream recommendations let me know!

Wow long post. Ive got some more pictures and stuff but I'll leave them for next time. Thanks for reading. If you got to the end well done. It was quite a rambling rant at times. Have a biscuit to congratulate yourself. :)

love love xxx


  1. i hate those mac wipes too, they smell so revolting i can't bear to use them when i'm in mac!

  2. I agree the Mac wipes are overpriced and dry and I always need 2-3 to remove all my make up - making them super expensive!! but I don't actually mind the smell and I quite like the residue it leaves on the skin but i definitely won't repurchase when I run out, the Johnson's ones are really good and I also like the L'oreal demaq wipes - they smell gorgeous and are good at removing eye make up too x

  3. I hate mac wipes too - they burn the face off you lol

    :D x

  4. phew thank goodness I'm not the only one that dislikes the MAC wipes. :)


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