Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Haul pictures continued.

Here are some more picys of things I have purchased over the last 4 weeks or something. :) Apologies for some iffy picture quality. I know what I want from santa this year already. lol.

This is my very first china glaze nail polish. yey. :) I purchased it for a ball that I had recently. Most gorgeous purple colour called Coconut Kiss. I got this at a Sally's in town. It was a bit more expensive than what I'd usually pay but I'm a bit of a cheapo when it comes to nail polish. I was quite impressed by quality however, it did require two coats and wasnt very quick drying. Actually it took ages. :( I put this on my toes too and it is lasting soooo well. So stands up well over time with no chipping. Not sure if this would have been the same on my hands though as I only wore it for two days.

Barry M dazzle dust no. 23 which is a gorgeous deep blue with shimmer. I heart Barry M dazzle dusts. They are amazing quality and pigmentation. This one is no exception. I wore this with parfait armour from MAC. I love the colour its pretty unique I think.

Thanks for reading. :) And thanks to the girlies who comment as well. I love reading comments and appreciate people taking the time to do so. :)

Hope you all had a good day. Mines was a total waste of time. lol

love love xxxx


  1. I love that colour purple!!!!

  2. @ Lazula. Its quite a unique colour. I havn't really seen anything like it before. Even my mum liked it and tha is saying something. lol x

  3. omg! i love barry m dazzle dust!


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