Tuesday, 22 December 2009


This is the view out of my window over looking my back garden from this afternoon. So much snow!

Yesterday my friend and I went sledging and made a snowman. Well... we gave him a halo and twig arms that made it look like he was praying to turn him into a SNOWMAN-ANGEL! lol. Was so much fun. :) We had the park all to ourselves as everyone was at school or work. There was so much snow and so much of it was untouched which was amazing and quite remarkable.

I love snow and got as excited as a child about a third of my age but tonight I'm not so happy about it as its cancelled my girly dinner out. :( Majorly gutted.

Hence why I've also found time to write three blog posts!

Is it snowing where you are? Post a pic on your blog if it is!

Love Sarah xxx


  1. Unfortunately there is snow where I live. This part of Arizona never gets snow. Although I was lucky enough to visit my cousin in the mountains where there were blankets and blankets of snow. We went sledding, my first time ever. So much fun. And I've always wanted to make a snowman. A snowman angel sounds so cute. :)
    Happy Christmas.

  2. no snow for us this year but I'm kinda happy because where I live the entire city shuts down. We live in a very hilly part so even if they could clear the snow, it'd still be too icy and we can't go anywhere.

    BUT I love seeing other people's snow pictures. Sounds like you had a fun time!


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