Friday, 4 December 2009

A perfect match

A good number of months ago I picked up a sample of Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation after a recommendation from a friend. I’d never bought any Estee Lauder products before but the MUAs at the House of Fraser counter were lovely and colour matched me well. There was no stingyness about giving a sample either.

I used up all of the sample and when the weather started getting colder I felt the need for a bit more coverage than my tinted moisturiser, so I purchased 1 30ml bottle of the Double Wear foundation in shade 2N2 fresco 01. And I’d like to report that after at least two months of wear that I am a very happy customer!

Things I love about this foundation:
- On the bottle it says “Stay-in-Place Make-up” and this product does just that. One of my main requirements for any foundation I wear is that it must stay on my face and look flawless for as long as possible without touch ups. I don’t have time during the day to be checking my make-up and this has great lasting power.

- Shine control/finish. I have combination to oily skin but can occasionally suffer from the odd dry patch in winter. This foundation suits my skin perfectly. Its not ridiculously matt but is definitely more of a matt finish than dewy. Personally I love it as I can get to the end of the day and not look horribly shiny.

- No breakouts! Obviously this is a very individual thing but I’ve not had any adverse skin reactions whilst using this product.

- SPF 10

- Good colour match. They seemed to have a good range of colours and I am impressed how close a match the MUA chose for my skin colour. I often find that a lot of foundations are too pink and warm toned for my oriental skin tone but this is a pretty good match.

What could be improved about this product:
Make a pump!!! Please Estee Lauder I implore you to sell this product with a pump! The amount of waste is very sad. I did even go back to the counter and ask if they sold a pump separately but no joy. I just try to pour a small amount out on to the top of the lid and use it from there. It is annoying but I’m willing to make this small sacrifice for a great product!

So this is my perfect foundation of the moment! What’s yours? :)

Love Sarah xxx


  1. Sounds good. I really rate a lot of EL products so I might try this. I hate it when foundation doesn't come with a pump though. xxx

  2. Did you know that a MAC pump fits the DW bottle? They're not very expensive and it fits perfectly, so get yourself down to MAC asap! I'm a big DW fan too...I'm just at the end of a bottle but I'm not convinced it's the right colour for me and having checked the rest of the range I don't think they do a colour that is perfect for my skin :-( they need more colours.


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