Saturday, 12 December 2009

Winter Warmers

Winter has been here for a while now in Glasgow and wrapping up warm is a total must. I actually love winter and I’m aware that some of you must now think I’m totally mad! I love cold frosty winters mornings with a perfect baby blue sky and the low sun. Plus I love getting wrapped up in scarves, gloves and hats, and layers of cosy clothes.

Here are two wee purchases from Primark:

One pair of leather purple gloves (£7-8) and one pair of grey arm warmers (£3).

I love arm warmers. I actually like them more than gloves. I feel really cute wearing them and do so inside as well as out. I like how they keep me warm but don’t restrict finger movement!

I’m lusting after more gloves, scarves, and arm warmers. Accessorize makes me drool. lol

Love Sarah xxx

Do you like winter?!


  1. I admit I like the clothes for winter time. I love boots sooo much :) But, I HATE the cold and snow. So, at least I have my boots to make me happy during winter :)

    LOVE the purple gloves, they are gorgeous!

  2. Love both of those very much!
    (p.s. Just wrote a comment on the estee lauder post, but in case you don't read it - wanted to tell you that MAC pumps fit the double wear bottles perfectly!)

  3. Ohh-err, im not a big fan of winter, i cant dress properly :L
    I till wear skirts and shorts lol!
    and ahah you can never be too overexcited about christmas xD

  4. Ohh these are just adorable!!!
    I used to absolutley LOVE winter- snuggling on the lounge wiht a good dvd in front of the fireplace but now days I don't like it as much! I would much rather a nice hot day at the beach :)

  5. Love the gloves. & I'm a fan of winter as well.
    Although, here in Arizona, USA, we don't have much of a winter.
    Sad. xx

  6. I LOVE winter. Though currently its hot here and im enjoying it (it was a long winter)

    Love the gloves.

    Have a wonderful Christmas x

  7. Bad Sarah...being so late reading all these wonderful comments! Love reading all your comments so nice to know people read my blog! :) xxx


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