Tuesday, 22 December 2009


I meant to show you all this before now but what with this hectic time of year I’m only getting round to it now.

May I present to you all….

My mini pink xmas tree!!!!

I bought this from paperchase in Borders (still can’t believe its closing). It was…£8 I think. I can’t remember to be honest but I LOVE it.

I’ve decorated it with mini silver baubles from John Lewis which came in a pack of about 20-25. There are matt, shiny and glittery silver ones. :)

The angel on the top is from Accessorise. They do really cute xmas decorations.

My mum randomly bought my some LED battery powered lights from Lakeland which I’ve now put on as well but aren’t in the picture.

This is the first year I’ve had an xmas tree in my room and I love it. I feel its totally justified as I spend so much time in here! :)

How does everyone else decorate their room? I’d love to see pictures of everyone’s xmas trees! :)

Love Sarah xxx


  1. Awww your tree is so cute! I love the little angel on the top :)

  2. LOVE the pink tree! I have a small pink one too but yours is cuter!

  3. I agreee, super cute tree :D

    And me too, suprised borders closed!


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