Sunday, 3 January 2010


2009 – Another year gone. I think it’s important to sometimes take a few minutes to look back on what you’ve done and achieved, not just at the end of a year but even at the end of a day. Before I go to bed I lie and think about the good things that happened that day and what made me smile and laugh. I think the end of 2009 marked an important stage in my life. There wasn’t a specific day or time but at some point I started to learn how to be more positive – how to think more positive and how important positivity is to your own happiness.

So this is what I did in 2009:
~Passed my third year exams
~Went on two lovely summer holidays
~Started fourth year
~Planned an adventure for 2010
~Started going out with an amazing guy
~Had the best New Year ever

I’ve done so many little things but I guess you forget about all those, which is a shame. Maybe I should write them down as I go along.

What did I learn in 2009?
~Think positive

~Communication is vital in a relationship. If you’re too afraid to voice your opinion something is wrong

~Do things which make YOU happy!

~Treasure your female friendships. They are priceless.

~Do what’s right for you, no matter how hard it might be

~Open your eyes, look around you and appreciate the beauty of every day

~Never forget to be thankful for your good health

~If you do something wrong its ok. Everyone makes mistakes. Use it to make yourself into a better person.

~Don’t think so far into the future – enjoy the moment.

What did you learn in 2009?

Love Sarah xxx


  1. It's so important to stop and count your blessings as I think it's more often we speak up about what's not good than feel lucky for what IS good.
    This is a great post - I'm inspired to go do one too!

  2. I can totally relate to the things you learned in 2009, I learned a lot of the same things!

  3. very pretty picture!


  4. Great tips! I need learn how to communicate better! That's one of my new goals for the new year! xoxoxoo

  5. Happy New Year..
    Very Useful information, this is both good reading for, have quite a few good key points and I learn some new stuff from it too.

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