Tuesday, 12 May 2009



Yey! I'm excited - even if your not. lol And what better way to make a come back than a haul.
So this morning I had my last exam of the year (until the resits. lol) and hence I went on a wee shopping trip. Admittedly it was quite rushed and not that long because a) I had heavy books with me b)the bf showed up who isnt a huge fan of shopping and c) neither of us had had any lunch.

Nonetheless I got some goodies to show you. :) I'll post all the cosmetic item thingys in this post and the clothes ones in another post.

Ok so I got these two items from boots. We have:

1. Dr Nick Lowe Serum Control Cleanser. This was £9.73 for 200ml. I got this after reading Hele 's post about reducing the skincare products she uses. She said she was going to stick to a cleanser in this range so not sure if its this exact one. However, this sounds great for my skin type and I was totally suckered in by all the nice descriptive stuff on the box. lol Review on this to follow once I've given it a fair trial.

2. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. This was £2.89 in bodycare for 250ml. I've never tried this before but I've heard its a classic and does what it says on the "tin" etc. So hopefully it will be good. I can't get over the smell - its amazing. Smells soooo like chocolate. For some reason I wasnt really expecting this *slaps forehead*



The main reason I got these two items from Superdrug was because they were all sold out in Boots. :( Nevermind. We have:

1. Dove Summer Glow. This was £4.89 for 250ml. I have purchased this after hearing great things from lollipop26. I have in the past used the Johnson&Johnson version and hated it so hopefully this will be better. I will report back! lol

2. Lash stiletto mascara. This was on offer at £5.82. I love Maybelline mascaras and first impressions are that this does make your lashes really long and separate them well. Also more on this later once I've used it more. :)

I did get something else from superdrug but I going to do a separate post on them because they are so special and I'm tired now.

The clothes haul will have to wait till tomo as I'm going to bed :) Sorryeee.

Hope you all had a lovely day. It was sunny again in Glasgow today. :D

love love



  1. yes that is the cleanser i use! i really like it, feels so gentle and smells so fresh and minty! hope you like it too.xx

  2. Hehe, love Cocoa Butter , I swear by it. And yes you're right it does smell like chocolate. x

  3. @ Hele I such a copy cat. lol I'm liking it so far. Time will tell if my skin agrees with me. lol x

  4. @ London Darling I was just so surprised. I clearly didn't make the connection between cocoa and chocolate. Was very silly of me. lol x

  5. Looking forward to hearing what you think of that lot - especially the mascara and the Dove - do let us know!

  6. @ondine I certainly will. I've been applying the Dove religiously. lol Thanks for commenting. :) x


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