Friday, 15 May 2009

Clothes haul part 1

I promised to blog about my clothes haul the other day so .....ta-da! Its all from H&M.

The minute I saw this on Phoebe's blog I knew I had to go and see if my local branch had them. I could only find the white one (I'm obsessed with purple) but I still love it. This was £7.99.

Next we have a PURPLE (see what I mean lol) top with some kinda cat/jaegar thing. I thought about wearing this with black skinnys or hotpants for going out in. Again £7.99.
And finally, this dress which I'm afraid to say has now gone back. (It was £19.99 if anyone is interested) I didn't try anything on in store as I couldn't be bothered, I was too hot and the bf would have got impatient. lol So when I tried it on at home it was much longer than I thought and didn't suit me at all. I love the print which you can see in the detailed picture below but I just didn't look right on me. I really like all the floral prints that are in the shops at the moment but I think I'm going to have to be careful which ones I choose.

Strangely enough the bf predicted that this wouldn't suit me. *huff* lol

Suddenly remember that I also got these pumps from new look. They were £20 but at the moment they are giving a 20% student discount! Which is pretty awesome so I got them for £16. :D They are flat, white and leather with rubber soles. I used to have a pair exactly like this from Topshop years ago and I wore them to death. I've never been able to find a pair which were quite the same until now. :) My mum spotted them actually so well done to her. You can also get them in black and according to my mum pink and another colour which she can't quite remember. Bless. lol.

So this is part 1 of my clothes haul which was on tuesday. I went shopping again on wednesday so part 2 will feature the damage I did then.

Thanks for reading! :)

love xxx


  1. I've bought so many well priced shoes I LOVE from New Look over the years - it's a real gem for shoes. Lovely clothes - I went into high st ken H+M looking for the MW stuff at the weekend but no sign of it anywhere - wondering if they only stock it in some stores or perhaps it has ALL sold out...?

  2. love the peacock top, so pretty! i agree, phoebe has great taste!xx

  3. OMG! you really have cute stuff!!! I love everything!!! =)


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