Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Shopping spree (to make me smile in an otherwise useless day.)

Well today was a total disappointment. I hate it when you try go get odds and ends done but everything seems to act against you. Today was such a day.

However, (and thats quite a big however by the way) I decided to cheer myself up and turn the day into a sort of success by doing some shopping. My logic behind this was that I'd come all the way into town so I might as well - I don't take much convincing. :)

I spent more than I was meant to so I am feeling quite guilty as I type this.....

So this is Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup (Level 3 Warm Medium) and set me back £24. I have been hankering after this ever since I read about it in Hele's blog. I was so desperate to get it today that I returned to the counter later on in the day as on my first visit the lady was at her lunch. (Question: why was there only one member of staff at the counter???) Anyway, she took all my make-up off (without asking me btw) and proceeded to colour match me. She then applied the foundation with no moisturiser or anything and did not finish it off with a blusher etc. Not that impressed by the customer service tbh but she was nice enough. _end of rant_

Full review on this to follow

Sitting happily next to the box is the Prescriptives Round Buffer Brush which again set me back £24. I wasn't planning on buying this but I decided it was the right thing to do as I have only got cheap kabuki brushes which came with the Maybelling mineral foundation.

Here are some close ups of those products.

Two quick comments about the packaging/design:

1. That lid is going to get so marked and scratched. Its MEGA shiny.

2. The finish of the brush handle is cheap but the price wasn't.

Moving on...

This is Dove's Summer Glow Daily Face Moisturiser. Its the little sister of my Dove Summer Glow Body Moisturiser. :) It was £5.87 from Boots. I bought this after the recent successes of the body version (more on this later). Only thing I'm suspicious about with this is the oil factor. However, we shall wait and see.

I got this belt randomly while sauntering about Frasers. Its from Miss Selfridge and was only £5! (and with my student card it was actually £4.50!) BARGIN. Its real leather which is really what made me buy it. Its quite plain but I think this will make it versatile and suitable for a range of jeans, shorts, denim skirts etc. I don't have a tan belt either so this is good. I am aware that it wasn't essential but I think it was a good buy/investment. (Clearly feeling very guilty about all this expenditure.)

I also got some socks from Marks and Spencer but they are boring and you don't need to see them. :) I also got a sample of Double Wear foundation from Estee Lauder so maybe more on that at some point.

Thanks for reading. Any comments helping to justify purchases are very welcome. lol :)

Hope you're having/had a nice day. Today was sunny. Yey. :)



  1. let us know how the dove moisturiser is when youve tried it, im a big fan of the clinique one but a cheaper version to take on holiday would be great xx

  2. As Phoebe said- defo let us know how you get on with the Dove face moisturiser/tanner. I've got the body one and really like it. I need to keep up with applying it though- I always tend to forget it after my bath!

  3. @Phoebe and Daisy I will do girlies. I'll start tonight. :) xx

  4. amazingly enough the lid doesn't get at all scratched although it does get covered in fingerprints!

    oooh i really like the look of the brush, when you've tried it i'd love to see what you think of it, i've never noticed it before at the counter!

    really hope you like the foundation, i love it!! looking forward to your


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