Monday, 18 May 2009

HELP please! :)

Hello my happy blogger friends. :)

I need some help, advice and suggestions.

I'm in the market for a new foundation. I am constantly searching for my HG foundation, however, at the present moment in time things have reached crisis levels. I don't have a foundation which matches my now tanned skin (fake btw more on that later) and the foundation which comes closest is almost empty.

Only problem is I'm at a bit of a loss as to what brand to try next. My possible thoughts are:
  • Prescriptives "All skins powder" £22
  • Prescriptives Liquid "Virtual Matte Oil-Control" £22
  • Laura Mercier "Oil free foundation" (liquid) £34.26

The other option is of course to go for some drugstore brand. I recently tried Revlon Colourstay but go the wrong colour. I've got an awkward skin tone. :( lol

I'd love to hear if anyone has tried any of these foundations or if anyone has any recommendations. I have combination to oily skin which is prone to blemishes and spots. I know foundation is a tricky very individual thing but I'd love some advice.

Thank you!



  1. i love the prescriptives mineral powder, use it every day. i also like the virtual matte but think colourstay is better.x

  2. Well I'm afraid I haven't tried any of those on your list of possibles, but similar-ish type skin to yours and have been getting on well with YSL Perfect Touch. It hasn't irritated my skin at all. And colour selection is quite broad I think.

  3. @hele thanks for your comment. It was your blog that drew my attention to presciptives in the first place. :) I'll go read your posts again about it. Maybe I should investigate the colourstay range more. I hate trying to choose the right colour in boots/superdrug etc. Its such a hassle. x

  4. @Ondine thanks! I'll defo look into it. :) x

  5. i was really surprised by how good the range of colourstay shades were, i found an exact match quite easily.

    if you go to a prescriptives counter they will colormatch yo, and they have so many shades there is bound to be a good match. if your skin is quite oily then i really wouldnt recommend the mineral powder as it is very luminous, it even makes me look a little shiny sometimes and i don't have oily skin.

    I would definitely recommend the colorstay over the virtual matte, but if you can't find a good colour in the colourstay then check out prescriptives as they have load of shades in 4 different colourgroups. hope that helps! x

  6. I've tried the LM oil free and loved it. It's great for combination skin and they have a good range of colours too.

  7. I have acne prone skin and I am currently using the Lily Lolo mineral foundation (available online and you can order samples in the first instance). This is the best one I have come across because I wear this everyday and I don't break out which is rare for me. It has a matte finish and is reasonably priced. In terms of liquid foundation, I like Nars Oil Free foundation, this feels light on the skin and not heavy.


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