Sunday, 17 May 2009

Clothes haul part 2

Here's what I got on wednesday. I treated myself to a day at the shops after my exams. I hadn't been proper clothes shopping in ages. I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Still here's a break down for you. ;-)

Summer dress from new look. I think this retailed at £15 - I got it for a bit less with my student discount.
Everything below is from Primark. :)
Pale blue skinny fit jeans. These were £8. I suddenly decided that I wanted a pair of pale blue skinnys. I tried a few in other shops but had fit issues and some were very stretchy which I dislike. I've got a pair of these is grey as well so I knew they washed ok and maintained their shape.

Blue and white striped summer dress. This was £8. It has a drawstring thingy at the back so that you can make it slimmer fitting at the waist. I didn't notice that till I got home. Personally I quite like it baggy.
Beige linen trousers. £8. I got a pair of these last night in white and I love them. Decided to get a beige pair as sometimes I feel that white is a bit much in this country and is quite dangerous to wear in the city i.e they are likely to get filthy. These look exactly the same as last years - if something sells don't change it must have been their thinking here. lol

Pink and white striped cotton shirt. £10. I love this. The belt is naff and will not be getting worn instead I have worn it with (I will continue to wear it with) a white leather belt. I wore this shirt with the blue skinnys and it looked nice. :)

Short sleeved, beige and white striped blazer. £13. I love this too. Ever since I saw a picture of lollipop26 wearing a balzer ages ago I knew I had to get one too. I did want a long sleeved one however I saw this and thought it was cute. Its got a lovely bow at the back and fits me really well. I can't wait to wear it. :)
Thats all for the moment. For the beady eyed among you, you would have spotted some beauty products in that very first picture. I'll get to them soon - I promise. I think this post is a bit picture heavy as it is. lol
Thanks for reading.
:) love xxx

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  1. great haul. I especially love that little cap sleeved jacket and the shirt. damn, it's been far too long since i went clothes shopping


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